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Photographer, technologist, traveler. 

Spencer grew up in London when it was still in black and white. He has traveled a lot to places that are too dangerous to visit now. He moved to California for the colour.


Some of his work is available for sale. He doesn't like electronic view finders. After he went digital, he re-learned the discipline needed to shoot with film. He says his pictures are better now than they ever were.

He lives in Los Angeles, but spends time in England's Lake District. In LA time is measure in nanoseconds, in the Lake District it is measured in seasons.

Spencer runs a consultancy company working at the intersection of technology and media & entertainment. You can find out more at

Contact Spencer at

"Photography for me is about the feeling I had about what I was looking at when I took the picture. It's that feeling that I want you to have when you look at my pictures.

Sometimes I am successful but I still succumb to taking a picture because I'll think it'll look neat.

Being a technologist, it has been difficult to resist having the latest camera with the highest specs. But that's not what my photography is about. The picture itself is as much about texture as it is resolution and vibrant color.  I've started shooting on film again, exploring everything from medium format to a Minox B.

Welsh photographer David Hurn said "There are two fundamental elements in all picture-taking: where to stand and when to release the shutter." I spend a lot of time walking around a subject trying to find that place and moment."

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